About Boot Camp

Get yourself to the start-line and I’ll stick with you all the way!

You’ll find everything you need to know about the Thigh-High Boot Camp on this page. Feel free to read on, if you want to :

  • Feel comfortable in your own body.
  • Maintain a stable healthy weight in the long term.
  • Break free from the hold that food has over you.
  • Nourish the part of you that has driven your emotional hunger so that you always feel satisfied.
  • Establish a relaxed and healthy relationship with food, drink and physical activity.
  • Learn to eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full.
  • Look in the mirror and love what you see.
  • Feel confident, worthy, attractive, sexy (you name it : you can feel it!).
  • Understand what drives your behaviour and your emotions – and how to change both.
  • Treat yourself to 2 days of belly-tightening laughter (and learning) that will help you to transform your life.

About The Thigh-High Boot Camp : The Bootcamp That Refreshes The Parts Other Bootamps Can’t Reach 😉

You can even lose weight whilst sitting down!

Most folks who have spent any time in the dieting paradigm know a great deal about diets, food and exercise. In fact, these people are experts. Any GP would be well-advised to employ a dieter to run healthy living workshops in his/her medical practice – dieters know more about this subject than anyone else!

So the problem isn’t that dieters don’t know what a healthy diet is. The problem isn’t that dieters don’t know about the importance of exercise. The real problem is what is driving the compulsion to eat in the first place and what is inhibiting the development of a healthy exercise habit (an exercise habit that is about enjoying the pleasure of being in your body rather than one focused on losing weight). The real problem often has relatively little to do with food and exercise per se – the real problem is usually eating away at the dieter, hidden from the rational mind, only revealing itself in the clever disguise of unhelpful eating and exercising behaviours.

You’ll stretch your mind as much as your body at bootcamp!

And this is where the the Thigh- High Boot Camp differs from most weight-loss approaches. This programme is different because it seeks to address what is really “eating away” at you. It is different because it works at several levels and recognises the complex interplay between cognitive, emotional, behavioural and physiological factors.

(Here comes the “nitty gritty” : feel free to read on if you enjoy getting into the full detail or click on the “About NLP” button on the Home page to learn how Neuro-Linguistic Programming can help you get the body you want).

  • It works at the cognitive level by helping you to identify thoughts, attitudes and beliefs about yourself, food and health which are not serving you; and to re-pattern your thoughts, attitudes and beliefs about yourself, food and your health
  • It works at the emotional level by clearing the negative emotions that feed your unhelpful habits and helping you to feel the positive emotions you’d like to be full of more of the time. It works also at this level by clearing the emotions surrounding major significant events in your life that may have been the genesis of the problem – making sure that ghosts from your past don’t haunt your present.
  • It works at the behavioural level by helping you to identify triggers to unwanted behaviours (such as cravings and overeating). Once the trigger has been identified, you will learn how to develop new ways of responding that are as automatic as the old response.It works by overcoming old, unhelpful, conditioned patterns and conditioning new ones
  • It works at the physiological level by helping you to be in your body, to enjoy your body and embrace what it can do, and to learn to recognise the difference between emotional and physiological hunger. It works by helping you to be fully present when you are eating – so you can slow down, savour the food and stop when you know you’ve had enough.

You’ll share powerful experiences with women who really understand you.

In short, this approach acknowledges the scientific evidence that dieting does not work in the long term. In fact, dieting can lead to obsessive behaviour around food that can make life feel like a prison sentence. The Thigh- High Boot Camp approach  is not a diet at all : it’s a way of freeing yourself from the dieting mentality and learning to relate to food, to yourself, to physical activity and to your body in a healthy way. It’s a way of you generating and maintaining motivation to lead a healthy, balanced life .It increases your chances of maintaining a healthy bodyweight by recognising that your thinking patterns, emotions, behavioural triggers and levels of body-awareness play an important role in the way you relate to food and exercise – and that these can all be changed. (And it’s a lot easier and a lot more fun than you think!). It’s a total mind-body workout in the fullest sense.

Find out more about the Thigh-High Boot Camp experience by reading the “What’s It Like?” and “Word On The Street” pages. You can also watch a 7-minute welcome video here:

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