Dates, Venues & Prices

The gorgeous Tir Na Nog, near Drymen ~ the Scottish home of the Thigh-High Bootcamp!

The gorgeous Tir Na Nog, near Drymen ~ the Scottish home of the Thigh-High Bootcamp!

I am taking some time out from my weight loss boot camps (I’m writing a book and developing some new products for other parts f my business). Boot camps be back in 2016 🙂 , but 1-1 coaching will still be available.

Please see my main site for full details about how coaching with me works.


Venues : The Lighthouse Centre, Cavehill Rd, Belfast ; Tir Na Nog, Drymen, Scotland.

Prices : Early bird : £275 ; Regular : £375

Programme Length : 2 days (10am – 5pm)

The heart-warming Lighthouse Centre, Belfast

The heart-warming Lighthouse Centre, Belfast

All programme pricing includes : A 30-minute personal consultation by phone or Skype ; comprehensive pre-course suggestions to help you to get the most out of your experience; the live event itself ; a comprehensive soft-copy manual ; and 3 months free membership of my on-line support group.  Full details of the booking process and more information about everything that’s included in your programme package can be found on the Book Now! page here

1-1 coaching follow-up packages are available :  for those people who want to take up this coaching option, 1-1 sessions will be carried out by phone, by Skype or by Google Hangouts.

Number of places : Only 12 places are available on each programme. Places are offered on a first-come-first-served basis. Graduates of previous bootcamp programmes may repeat any of the programmes at 50% of the full programme price. A maximum of 4 spaces pre programme are available to “revisiting” graduates.



4 thoughts on “Dates, Venues & Prices

  1. I LOVED this weekend! I have learned so much on this course. I found it very difficult confronting my fears and angers at first. Throughout the weekend I was able to let go of a few layers, of what was holding me back, what was hurting me so badly and it feels amazing to do so. I have taken the tools that Jane has given me and applied them to my life not only on the weekend of the course but continuously day to day, which is helping restore faith, hope and love of myself, people around me and to find out what is important to me again.
    I can’t thank Jane enough for her very helpful, insightful and compassionate ways. Thigh high boot camp helped me get in touch with the strong, happy, assertive woman that I lost touch with years ago. The process is still happening and I continue to get stronger and feeling fulfilled more and more everyday.
    It’s a tough wee course but it’s full of love, laughter and sensativity. The woman I met are amazing goddesses and we all became brighter as the weekend went on.

    Thank you so much Jane, you are a truely inspirational and wonderful person. One foot in front of the other.

    Kind regards,
    Katrina xo

  2. I did a bootcamp course with Jane in summer 2012 and it was an amazing and profound experience. She managed to get to the root cause of my emotional eating within a few hours and I realised what negative feelings I had towards myself and my body – something I was totally unconcious of!!
    After I understood what the root cause it was like the penny had dropped and it all just made complete sense. For me past events had caused me to carry around a burden of guilt and because of this I felt undeserving of self love, putting everything before me. When this was raised to my concious level I began to process and understand the feelings and then deal with them in an appropriate way (by ditching them!!).
    I now no longer am ruled by food and am looking after myself. I now feel I deserve healthy food that will nourish my body and have given myself permission to look after myself. I ditched the diet paradigms I’ve been carrying around with me for years (eat low fat, artificially sweetened food, ditch fats and cheese, stop eating chocolate etc etc) and started listening to my body. This took a bit of time to reconnect but I’ve realised that my body is very good at telling me what I need (be it food, exercise, sleep, intimacy). I allow my body chocolate if it fancies it, I allow it a takeaway now and again but just ensure I’m not eating to the point I would have (where you have to undo the top button on the trousers and feel wrecked the rest of the night). I don’t do it all the time and I don’t feel guilty if I do. Guess what I’ve lost a good couple of stone (not sure on exact figure as I’m not obsessed with the number anymore), I can have chocolate and foods I traditionally would have scoffed in under a day in the house (in fact I’ve got green and black chocolate I’ve had in the house for over a month) and I no longer live meal to meal!! Sometimes I miss lunch and don’t realise it cause my body wasn’t actually hungry. I am feeling so much more positive about my life and the direction it is going in. I’ve started doing crossfit and pat myself on the back for the simplest of things I manage to do whereas I’d traditionally have beaten myself up for the silly things.
    I’ve got a way to go on my journey but am happy it’s well on it’s way and I’m relaxed and comfortable with food again.
    I would thoroughly recommend Jane’s course – she’s an amazing and talented woman who understands what it’s like (unlike the ‘helpful’ folk who tell you to eat less and exercise more em thanks for that advice) and she really cares about people. She has a super warm and infectious personality which will get you chuckling away in no time. She deals with very tough emotions in a sensitive and supportive manner and sticks around for the long haul to help keep you on track.
    I’d give her 10 stars out of 5 🙂

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