About NLP

The Thigh High Boot Camp employs leading-edge  approaches to help you get the results you want in a way that’s right for you.The programme is designed around an NLP framework. Neuro-Linguistic Programming has been described in Psychology Today as “the most powerful vehicle for change in existence”.NLP is a solution-based approach which offers  a cognitive (the way you think), emotional (the way you feel) and behavioural (what you do) framework for change. NLP can work for you, if you want to :

  • Break old patterns
  • Develop new ways of thinking and behaving
  • Learn how to change the way you feel
  • Be who you really want to be
  • Have what you really want to have
  • Do what you really want to do

NLP can work really well in conjunction with hypnosis. Where appropriate, you will have the opportunity to work with hypnotic approaches to get the changes you really want.

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