On this page you’ll find plenty of stuff to support your making changes. As I add to this page regularly, it’s really worth checking back now and again to see what’s new!


1. For Your Listening Pleasure :

Plug in and relax to Jevon Dangeli’s effortless weightloss CD.

2. Watching

Help the penny drop : discover your dream body destination and get inspired by the lovely Kate Trafford. It’s about 30 minutes of viewing ~ and every minute counts! (She gets specific about weight at about 5:50 but to get the most out of it, I really do suggest watching it from beginning to end!)


Satisfy your curiousity about the Seven Habits of Mindful Eating here :

3. Reading

Stop Eating Your Heart Out : 21 Days To Freedom From Emotional Eating

Paul McKenna’s “I Can Make You Thin” (includes CD)

Dr John Briffa’s “Escape The Diet Trap”

4. Getting Active

Here’s me interviewing Robin Taggart, coach at Crossfit Causeway about Crodsfit and its suitability for beginners :

Check out your local gyms and fitness clubs for classes that suit you. Some people like to try out new sports too.  Find  somewhere welcoming – and somewhere where you feel comfortable. Anywhere where you feel a strong sense of community is worth checking out – as soon as you become part of a supportive community, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to get yourself along to a regular class or sporting activity!

Check out what’s going on at the Arcadia in Portrush :

Check out what’s going on at Causeway Route 2 Fitness (Ballymoney) here :


1. Websites and On-Line Resources

Everything you need for living an inspired life :

Everything you need for effortless success (in any area of life) :

Free coaching  with NLP training videos from Jevon here:

Something for your personal development :

(I run monthly NLP Practice groups at the Millburn Complementary Therapy Centre in Coleraine. If you are up for learning more about yourself, picking up some handy tools and techniques, and meeting like-minded people, this could be for you!)

2. Managing Your Emotions, Learning To Relax & Managing Stress

Everything from a sports massage to hypnotherapy can be found here!

Do check out your local complementary therapy centre : such places can be incredible resources as you begin to make changes in your life.

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