Word on the street

Plenty of food for thought 😉

Here’s what people are saying about the Thigh High Bootcamp!

“What an amazing course. I learned so much about myself, my drivers and motivations – even the ones that were less than totally positive -and the changes I have experienced will spread out into other areas of my life. The bootcamp is a safe place to experience radical change – and more than that, it’s just great fun! Jane’s courses are quite unique : embracing all who are there .She sees what you might only feel and harnesses that for effective results. And the amazing thing is that no matter who was speaking, everyone in the room benefited from Jane’s precisely-what-was-needed questions.  You might go on many other courses in your life but you won’t go on many that are such great fun that you don’t even realise you are learning and changing.” Caroline, Ayrshire ( A week after completing the course, Caroline weighed herself. She had lost 7 lbs.)

“What can I say?…IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE!  Jane has amazing skills at helping a person get right to the core of the problem and then provides and teaches the skills and tools for change. She does this in such a beautiful, elegant way and has a amazing gift that she clearly loves to share.  Jane Talbot is a force to be reckoned with and if anyone completes this course they will never be the same again ~ and this is the most amazing, wonderful gift anyone can ever give you.  For me personally, the experience was uplifting, enlightening, and ultimately freeing.  So what are you weighting for?.” Corinne, Loch Lomond

“I want to thank you for running another a great course:  you never fail to amaze me with your ability to make courses fun, deeply personal and extremely effective. As a counsellor and NLP Master Practitioner, I have worked with lots of people with weight problems and thanks to this experience, I now have a really effective and quick way of working with them
which I can use to enhance my skill base. It was amazing to see the change in the people over thecourse of the prgramme.  I know that the changes worked with their real issues and will be far more effective and life changing than any diet club.  I will be happy if I can do the same for my clients. I would also like to thank you from a personal level as I also feel that I “fit” in my skin now. :} “ Madaline, Glasgow.

Oona completed the London marathon in 2011

“My weight and body image had always been problematic for me. Although I generally managed to stay within a healthy weight range, I always seemed to be either unhappy with the way I looked or obsessing over a new diet or exercise regime. Having had the opportunity to work with Jane , I no longer struggle to either maintain a healthy weight and size, or to feel happy and comfortable in my body. Jane’s approach has not only helped me release old hang-ups but she has been a real inspiration for finding and enjoying the exercise and eating approaches that work well for me. I have gone from feeling too self-conscious to participate in exercise classes to looking forward to running my second marathon this year ~ and am probably fitter and healthier than I ever was in my teens or twenties.”  Oona, Drymen

“Jane, thank you so much for a totally excellent course and for ‘walking your talk’.  It was a complete workout for the mind and I feel lighter already! Thank you also for making the course such good fun and for the practical advice about food, nutrition and exercise. No more diets!!! It was sheer brilliant excellence!” Christine, Helensburgh

“I went on this course hoping to lose weight. I’ve come out the other side, lighter in spirit, still reeling from the profound changes I have gone through. Watch this space… ” Stephanie, Kilwinnoch (2 weeks after completing the course,in August 2010,  Stephanie had lost 5 lbs. Now she is running regularly, about to embark on the West Highland Way and a glowing and healthy size 12!) Here’s her update (February 2012) : “I eat what I want, when I want; I have only size 12 in my wardrobe and clothes always fit. And I will never, ever go back  because once you know why you put weight on and you really understand why you self- sabotage, you don’t need to do it anymore. ”

“This course was everything I hoped it would be and much, much more….it got right to the heart of the problem (quite literally) …clearing out the emotional eating allowing me to have control of eating what I want, when I want  and stopping at just the right time. The added bonus is I actually love looking in the mirror and checking out how gorgeous I feel…I feel more confident in all aspects of my life…. Jane really has the knowledge and the ability to make training really fun and exciting…she is BRILIANT!” Marina, Kendal

“I have found Jane’s courses to be profound experiences. Having previously lost 5 stone in weight, I feel passionately about weight- loss and how to maintain the goal weight. I joined Jane’s course to inspire me and give further insight into how weight- loss issues happen and how to help myself and others to transform their lives like I have. The course has helped me personally with weight- loss and confidence, and professionally in running my business through difficult times to achieve my goals. You feel change starting to happen on the course and really believe that change can continue to happen and you can be more fulfilled. Jane delivers the courses professionally and with great humour and intuition so you get the most out of the course individually. I would thoroughly recommend Jane. She’s brilliant.”  Lisa, Stirling (Lisa is now thrilled to be preparing for motherhood)

“Iron Man” Eileen!

“I attended one of Jane’s programmes earlier this year and had an amazing time.  I couldn’t believe how much I changed and achieved while having so much fun.  My goal had been to increase my level of fitness (specifically swimming) with a target of being able to swim 400m front crawl non- stop.  Through the course, with the support and challenge from Jane, I worked out what I needed to do.  I have not only achieved my original goal – I have blown it out of the water and completed my first triathlon earlier this month.  And, as an added bonus, have lost about a stone in weight.  I wouldn’t hesitate to book onto any further courses or experiences where Jane is the course leader.” Eileen, Stirling. Here’s her update February 2012 (2 years on) : “Still swimming and completed a 2km open water swim as part of a half ironman event.  And even more impressive have spent the last 4 months working away from home, living in hotels and have not put on any weight.  Yippee!!!”

Here’s me catchig up with Julie (Portrush bootcamp June 2012) 5 months after bootcamp :

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