Does The Scale Make You Wail?


How often have you woken up feeling really good about yourself and the world, only to step on the scale and find that the day which seemed to be going so well suddenly takes a complete nose dive?

That’s right – that scale seems to be a pretty powerful thing. Even though we were feeling really good feelings before we took “the step” , the scale now tells us how wrong we were .

Is this ringing any bells? If it is , then you might just want to stop for a moment and challenge the power and validity of the scale!

Would you use a thermometer to measure your heart~rate ? Would you use a pedometer to measure your blood~pressure ? Would you use a stop-watch to measure your blood glucose?  Of course you wouldn’t!

So why are using a set of weighing scales to measure your worthiness; your attractiveness;  your deepest, rawest beauty;  your talents ; your unique gifts to the world;  and the full glory of your messy, wonderful, human spirit?

As Steve Maroboli says “the scale can only give a reflection of your numerical relationship with gravity”.  Nothing more – nothing less.

If the scale makes you wail, it might be time to step into a new relationship with yourself . And when you start to relate to yourself in healthy ways, then the benefits are so huge, they’ll probably be immeasurable 🙂

© Jane Talbot 2013